God’s Favorite Snack Food

God’s Favorite Snack Food

                         Chips:  “But I chose you out of the world…”  John 15:18                                                              and Dip:  “But you are washed…sanctified…justified…in the name of the Lord                                           Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.”    I Cor. 6:11

 Imagine that God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are sitting down to watch a football game.  And, to make it contextually relevant, let’s say they’re watching the Super Bowl.  For snacking purposes, they each bring a bowl of their favorite chips.  God the Father pulls out a bag of Ruffles, and pours them into a bowl.  God the Son opens up a bag of Lays Originals and likewise empties His chips into a bowl.  God the Holy Spirit tears into a bag of Lays Wavy and deposits them into a bowl.

At half-time, Peter shows up and sits down among the Three.  He can’t help but notice they each have a separate bowl with three different types of chips.  In keeping with his “say what you think” approach to speaking, he asks why a Triune God would have three different types of chips…aren’t they always supposed to be in agreement?  To which God the Father replies, “I prefer chips that are packed with flavor.  And, we all know that R-R-Ruffles have r-r-ridges…therefore, R-R-Ruffles have flavor.”  Then, God the Son speaks up and says, “I prefer Lays Originals because…I never want to eat just one.”  Next to speak is God the Holy Spirit.  He holds up His bag of Lays Wavy and simply says, “It’s the waves, Pete, it’s the waves.  They just pull me in…and I can’t resist.”

At this, Peter thinks for a moment, and then he asks, “What about dip?  Chips without dip is like…like…like a boat without a net!  Do You at least agree on one type of dip?”

God the Father replies, “We do all like a nice bowl of dip, but our tastes are slightly different here as well.  My dip of choice is a three cheese dip; My Son, on the other hand…My right hand, to be exact…prefers a ground hummus with an extra splash of olive oil, and My Helper, well, He’s always been a fan of the 7-layer dip.  Sometimes He scoops off one layer at a time and sometimes He dips into all seven layers at once.”

“Hmmpf,” grunts Peter.  “Never thought about You having a preference for chips…or dip.  People maybe, but not snack foods.”

“Really?” replied the Spirit.  “Where do you think the saying, ‘you are what you eat’ came from?  That’s Us, Pete…We’re the Ones who coined that phrase…and all the others that bear repeating.”

“All that means, Peter, is that you can tell a lot about a person simply by what he eats, or doesn’t eat.  It’s the same with Us,” interjected the Father.  “You are right about our preference for people, but that’s exemplified in Our choice of chips and dip as well.  Nothing We do is one dimensional, Peter.  You do know that, right?  You do know to look beyond the visible…beyond the bags…and the bowls, don’t you?”

“Know it?  Yes.  Understand it?  No.  I see chips and dip.  You see people and…something You’d dip them in.  When will these things become obvious to me?”

“Ah, Peter, did you confuse ‘becoming more like Us’ with ‘becoming just like Us’?” asked the Helper.  “We are God; you are not.  We have chips; you do not…but We will share with you as We explain the meaning behind the chips and the dip.  For with Us, not only is it true that We are what We eat, but also that We eat what We are.”

“Oh, boy.  I’m gonna need a lotta chips for this…and dip.  You did say You had dip, didn’t You?  I could’ve sworn You said…I mean I was certain You said…”

“Here, Pete.  Have some chips…and some dip.  Listening seems to come easier for you when your mouth is full.”

“Let Me see,” said the Father, “how do I make this chip and dip analogy both palatable and digestible?  Let Me begin by placing the three types of chips here on the table.  Now, let Me place the dip of choice beside each one.  Here are My Ruffles chips with the three-cheese dip; and here are Jesus’ Original Lays chips with the hummus; thirdly, we have the Wavy Lays with the seven-layer dip, for the Holy Spirit.“

“You see, Pete,” the Helper proposes, “the chips We choose bear similar characteristics to the people We hold and in turn to the God they hold on to, which is why I said ‘We eat what We are’.  The Father, here, gathers those who are full of flavor, those who have allowed their highs and lows to become ridges that exalt His grace and exude His faithfulness.  With each rise and fall in life, the believer’s saltiness is enhanced and his flavor is amplified.  Then, when the believer is placed in the Father’s hand and plunged, over time, into the three cheese dip of justification, sanctification, and finally glorification, he’s no longer a side-dish at the Super Bowl…he’s in the Super Bowl!”

“Does that make sense, Peter?” the Father asked.  “Do you see how My chips and dip reflect Me and the ones whom I hold in My outstretched hand and pour into My supersized bowl?”

“Yes.  I can’t say that I’d have thought of You this way, but I gotta admit…when the chip fits…dip it!”

“Um…Pete…We got this.  Leave the analogies, and the commercial ads, to Us…and have another chip!”

“I guess that’s My cue,” said Jesus.  “Help yourself to some of My chips and dip, while I explain the fact, and the flavor, behind My choices.”

As Peter crunched, Jesus clarified.  “You see, Peter, I prefer Lays originals because their slogan for chips is My slogan for people:  I don’t want to eat…save…just one!  You know I walked the earth that “no one should perish but that all should come to repentance”.  In fact, you wrote that truth down in your second book (2 Peter 3:9).  So, as difficult as it is to stop reaching for one more chip, it’s even more difficult for Me to stop reaching for one more soul!  And remember when I said that I chose you out of the world? (John 14:19).  Well, I didn’t choose just one, but as many as would follow Me…and once I laid hold of them, no one could snatch them out of My hand (John 10:27-28).  As to My dip of choice?  Well, hummus contains ground sesame seeds and olive oil and has its origin in Egypt.  Its symbolism is surely not lost on you, Peter.  I too have earthly roots in Egypt (Matt. 2:13-23), having been taken there by My earthly parents; I too was pressed like the olive oil and crushed like the sesame seeds (Is. 53:5), so it seems only fitting that hummus would be My dip of choice.”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but that makes perfect sense,” Peter responded.  “Even I can appreciate the undercurrents that lie below the surface of Your chosen snacks. So, I guess it’s time to hear about the Holy Spirit’s preference.  Let me see if I can figure this one out, now that I’m beginning to see things at a different level…(Peter’s face lights up)…now that I’m finally at see-…”

“Don’t, Peter…don’t say it,” interrupted the Holy Spirit.  “You know I know what you’re about to say and…”

“See-level!  I’m finally at see-level!” blurted Peter.

“Yes.  Yes, Peter.  You are at see-level and I am at dip level #4.  That’s the patience layer which, now that you have eyes that see more deeply, or should I say “diply”, you’ve already figured out is part of My seven-layer dip,” responded the Helper.  “So, all that’s left is the explanation for My choice of Lays Wavy chips.  Do you want to see what lies beneath those waters, Pete?”

“I think I will,” Peter said as he pulled the bag of Wavy Lays closer.  Examining a chip close up, Peter commented on its surface structure.  “These waves are a little less rigid than the ridges on the Ruffles.  They have more of a relaxed quality about them, like waves gently lapping the shore…moving in, moving out; washing up, washing out.”  Turning to face the Holy Spirit, Peter cries, “That’s You!  That’s just like You!  You wash over us, gently and repeatedly.  You bring in new life and wash away old habits.  You create grace-pools like the ocean creates tide-pools.  And with Your waves, You dip into love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness.” (Gal. 5:22)

“You did it, Peter!  You saw that which wasn’t in the bag or in the bowl!  You saw who We are and what We eat.  And, not only that, but you now understand that ‘We are what We eat and We eat what We are,’” said God the Father.  “How does that make you feel?”

“Satisfied.  It makes me feel…You make me feel…satisfied.  But, because these seeing eyes of mine are larger than my unseeing stomach, would You please pass me some more chips…and dip?”

Well.  There you have it. A walk through my mind as I so spiritually prepare for the upcoming super bowl game…or just allow my thoughts to be contorted by my love for chips and dip.  I’ve pondered using this piece of writing in that I don’t want to minimalize or trivialize the role of God the Father, God the Son, or God the Holy Spirit.  But I haven’t felt a tugging in my spirit as I wrote this so I’m trusting that God is going to literally dip this figurative chip into His bowl of sanctification.  It may take several plunges, but once this piece is coated, no further editing, reproofing (get it?), or apologies will be needed.  And, if you’re still reaching in for these last contextual crumbs, I want to thank you for eating all the way to the bottom of this unusual bag of writing!  I hope you found it flavorful!