Ignorance, Irony, and Isaiah

As I begin my first post on my first day of my first blog, I must first make a confession. I am not a blog reader, writer, nor navigator.  I have lived quite contentedly in my technological safe room, neither worrying nor caring about the ever increasing winds of change howling around me.  But, as God is prone to do, He huffed and He puffed and He blew down that “safe” door!

My first response to the suggestion of starting a blog was to laugh incredulously.  It was an ugly, “you’ve got to be kidding” sort of laugh.  Then, when it was mentioned again, I left off the attitude and simply chuckled.  The third time someone made this statement, I felt a yank and thought, “Oh, no…is this You, Lord? Have I been laughing in Your face?”  And so, with only a slight smile, I have decided to give this a go.  I come in ignorance, I acknowledge the divine irony, and I respond somewhat similarly to Isaiah and say, “Here I am Lord; blog me.”