“That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him.”  Ephesians 1:17


What do you get when you cross an old read with an expired drink mix?  A new perspective!  Turns out, the best ideas are often times those that have already circulated a time or two.  And so, as this newest revelation…or should I say renovation…emerged, I thought it should be pinned down (which, for me, means penning it down) so that it might remain “new” just a little bit longer.

Let me first set the stage.  It’s summer.  I’m a teacher.  I like things orderly.  Put these three ingredients together, mix until they are well combined, pour into a room of your choice, allow an activation time of two to four hours (depending on room size), and, when done, remove accumulated bags of waste.  Any questions?  Well, as I was doing my regular summer “baking”, I came across some, shall we say, no longer viable lemonade mix.  As I looked at this container, and thought about the simplicity of the mix (just what expires in this anyway?), I also thought about my morning read.  And when I did, I realized God had just given me a new mix.  Its name?  Knowledge-Ade! Continue reading “Knowledge-Ade”