The Crossing of Nevertheless and Therefore

Over the years, the words therefore and nevertheless have laid hold of me. Therefore sought me out and became my first “Word of the Year” while nevertheless was introduced by a friend. It’s funny how peripheral something can be until you stare directly at it; then, once it’s seen, it cannot be unseen. That has been my relationship with these two words. While I used to visually walk right by them, now I all but trip over them at every turn. Though I try, with pen in hand, to tag them as I read, sometimes I have to let one or two slide by (to be captured at another time) so I can focus on the words around them.

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This poem is the result of a challenge, which led to an inspiration.  A dear friend asked if I would pen a poem using this word as it was a favorite of hers.  I told her I would try, but in all honesty, I didn’t foresee the emergence of a poem from such a word.  But, as with the word whatever, God showed me the wealth within this word and then…oh my goodness…how could I not write about its worth?  I hope this poem reveals the power and humility wrapped up in such a seemingly simple word…not unlike the way power and humility were once wrapped up in The seemingly simple Word.


 “Father, if You are willing, take this cup away from Me–nevertheless, not My will, but Yours, be done.”  – Luke 22:42


“Nevertheless,” His words rang out,

To Father from the Son;

“Nevertheless, not what I will,

But what You will be done.”


“Nevertheless, I’ll drink this cup,

It’s what I came to do.

Though it will be a bitter drink,

My sup will man rescue.”

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