As Series of Poems for Pastor Appreciation Month

As October is “Pastor Appreciation Month”, here are a few poems I have written over the years to commemorate the respect and appreciation we all have for our pastors and their dedication to tending to their flocks while also sharing the gospel with God’s sheep around the world.



Feed My Sheep

           When God first called, He knew that you,
       His ways and words would keep.
        That’s why He gave a special job,
         when He said, “Feed My sheep.”
        “They need someone to guide, to lead;
someone to show they care,
        Please give them such instructions that,
they’ll know how much I care.
               Make straight their path and their desire,
instruct them to be bold.
                 That when their time on this earth ends,
they’ll come into My fold.
         Be diligent, be strong, be true,
       remember what’s at stake.
        It wasn’t all that long ago,
        when your heart I did wake.
                So tend these lambs, yes, feed My sheep,
        please teach them to obey.
     That when I come to take them home,
I’ll find that none did stray.
            When from your hand your staff I take,
       you’ll know your work is done.
           As one by one each lamb is called,
       and led home by My Son.
      But till that day, please carry on,
with boldness do proclaim;
    To all who’ve grown to know your voice,
that you’ve come in My name.”




Go Forth

           God placed a special burden way down deep within your heart;

                  a call that bids your feet to go and His Word to impart.

                     A burden that would light a fire of urgency and need;

                   and show you in the midnight hour more hungry souls to feed.

                          A special call, a special gift, that takes you far from  home;

                         A duty to the Lord Himself that causes you to roam.

                          And though it is obedience that sets you on your way;

                           Sometimes your flock, in selfishness, wishes that you would stay.

                            But God has placed His hand on you and for that we are glad;

                         It’s only right for all to hear the messages we’ve had.

                            So venture forth, God’s Word to spread, for such you have been made;

                   And though your flock may say you’ve roamed, they’ll never say you’ve strayed.

This third and final poem is written from the perspective of the pastor.  So many people look not only to their pastor but also at their pastor, that personal reflections are no doubt a daily part of his morning preparations.  We would all be wise to do the same!

mirror, mirror           

  Reflections of a Man      

                   Each day as I awake and prepare to face the day,                  

      I look into my mirror, before I go my way.

                                       I wash my face, I comb my hair, I even brush my teeth;                            

             But then I am reminded that what shows lies underneath.

                                      Deep down below the surface, there’s another part of me;                                

        The part that gets its grooming when I go down on my knee.

                               The part that shows compassion, the part that lends an ear;                    

                 The part that takes the time to care when someone sheds a tear.

                                The part that says, “Thy will be done,” when trouble comes my way;                      

              The part that finds its refuge in God’s Word throughout the day.

                                         The part that knows completely that in order to prepare,                          

                    It’s not the clothes that I must choose, but it’s Whose name I’ll wear.

                                          So before I take a step outside, I’ll look once more to see,                                

            If the image that’s reflected is the one I want to be.

                                         A man whose very countenance reveals his inner heart;                        

                    A man who seeks to do God’s work and His word to impart.

                                             So, Lord, this day I pray that others will see You in me;                          

                         And rather than the face of man, it’d be Your face they see.