I Look Just Like

Tomorrow is Grandparent’s Day.  In honor of those who have loved us since we were young and have always seen more in us than we ever saw in ourselves, here is a poem thanking you for your presence, your patience, and your prayers…sent forth from your beloved posterity.

I Look Just Like

 You say I have my Mommy’s hair and also Daddy’s eyes;

And when I talk a bit too fast, you say that’s no surprise!


When I am running in the grass or swinging from a tree,

You laugh and say I look just like my aunt…when she was three.


And when I’m playing with my toys, or sitting quietly,

You say that I remind you then of Uncle…Somebody.


But though I’m glad to be compared, to all my family,

The one I most want to be like is the one comparing me.


Yes, you’re the one I hope they see, whom I’ll be compared to,

When others see me laugh or smile, I hope they’ll think of you.


I hope my face will glow with love and that my eyes will twinkle;

I hope I’ll laugh enough each day to earn my laughter wrinkles!


I hope my hands will have that look, now etched upon my mind;

Of your two hands folded to pray for me and all mankind.


I hope I’ll have a heart that loves and arms that open wide;

Embracing life, enfolding truth, with God right by my side.


So now you know just how I feel and why I hope to be,

A shorter, smaller version of my *Gramps who looks like me!


*Or Nanny, Papaw, Grandpa, Grandma, Meme, Pop-Pop…or whatever your beloved title is!